Citizen Charter of Extension Training Centre, Nongsder .....

Our Mandate:


To impart training and transfer of skills to a large number of beneficiaries and functionaries at the block and village levels and to organize a variety of training programmes for officials, elected members of AEC/VEC, NGO and members of the community. The ETC by virtue of its being the sub-state level training institute has to play a crucial role in the context of imparting training to RD functionaries and members of local institutions since execution of various development programmes takes place at block and village levels.


Our Vision: 


To be counted as the most progressive, creative and trusted ETC in the country




Our Mission: 


To transform the ETC into a learning centre which is resilient, responsive and in tune with the changing situations.



Our Logo:


The LOGO represents our efforts to empower the rural masses through improved knowledge, understanding, skills, attitude and behavior in order to create a ripple effect to the entire rural development process.



Our Focus:
Keeping the above points in view, the ETC has been focusing on a course of actions as shown below:

    • Select relevant issues for training and case studies
    • Implement suitable training programmes
    • Develop training designs, lesson plans and training materials
    • Recruit manpower - faculty and staff
    • Mob-up funds from Government and other sources
    • Build logistic supports, network and communication systems
    • Purchase necessary equipments
    • Build-up infrastructural facilities
    • Accounting for on-going activities