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Smti. G. S. Lyndem, Principal
Smti. G. S. Lyndem
Giving lecture to the students
Picture of principal while standing
Pictures of classroom
Principal's Information
1. Name Smti. G. S. Lyndem
2. Designation Principal
3. Phone 0364 - 2570249
4. Mobile +91-9856028958
5. Email gslyndem[at]gmail[dot]com
6. Educational Qualification
  • BA History (Honours)
  • MA and M.Phil (Econs)
  • LL.B
7. Work Experiences
  • Field investigator in Economics Department : 1986
  • College Lecturer in Shillong Commerce College : 1986-1993
  • Faculty Member, SIRD : 1993
  • Principal ETC in addition to normal duties as senior faculty SIRD : 2005 till date
8. Other Experiences
  • Paper contributions in seminars and workshops
  • Unpublished works
  • Attended as resource person in workshops, conferences, etc
  • Minor articles contribution
  • Radio talks, etc
9. Work-Related Contribution
  • Being the first faculty member to join SIRD, she was responsible for developing and implementing promotional training programmes and assigned administrative duties over and above training duties. Had attended colloquium as representative of SIRD. 
  • She has successfully organized a five-year training programme in collaboration with Social Welfare Department under UDISHA project sponsored by the World Bank
  • Had conducted various trainings in collaboration with the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NEHU
10. Major Trainings Attended
  • Is a qualified trainer having completed DTS, DOT, TNA and consultancy Skills conducted by DOPT, GOI
  • Had attended programmes on training methods, communication, organization management, gender, disaster management, etc., conducted by NIRD
  • Attended Training on Monitoring and Evaluation of Rural and Tribal Development Projects conducted by IIT, Kharagpur
11. Foreign Trainings Attended
  • Course on Rural Development at Agriculture Extension and Rural Development Department, Reading University, United Kingdom through British Council Visitorship Programme
  • Course on Empowerment of Rural Women at WELI, Tokyo, Japan sponsored by JICA
12. Areas of Interests
  • Management of Training Programmes
  • Education
  • Law
  • Poverty alleviation and Development Programmes
  • Social Mobilisation
  • Panchayati Raj and Traditional Institutions